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  3. Welcome to Shanghai Mehecos

    Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Preparations, Formulations

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    Health Products, Nutritions

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    Chinese Herbs, Herbal products,Herbal Extracts

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    Medical Device, Hospital equipment,Surgical Dressing

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    Updates to Company

    Dear Clients and Friends:

    Company will attend the CPHI China 2018 in Shanghai 20-22rd, June 2017 at booth no. E1N01. We shall present our best products covering APIs, pharmaceutical preparations, plant extracts for exports, and also long for good quality medicines, finish health products, reagents, excipients for imports. Our dedicated and professional business team will be ready for any of your concerns by then. Welcome to you all.



    Dear Clients:

    As a fact that several commercial fraud cases against international trading companies were emerged again recently amid our fellow companies, which usually misled payer worldwide to remit to a updated bank account number given by a faked email in name of payee. We hereby call your great attention on such a situation while you remit your payment to our company. Please double check with our business staff whom you contact through telephone call to confirm the update of bank account number. In most cases, we shall revise the bank information listed on our website at first in case an update of our bank account number.

    Also, please do not call on the contact number given by the email you received in terms update of bank account number, please call our people with the contact numbers you usually used.


    Useful Information
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